Bringing maths into bedtime stories can help children learn – and make the subject less scary for parents too

Finding links between literacy and mathematics does not only assist teachers in integrating what is a very crowded curriculum, it can also alleviate maths anxiety in parents too. If you would like more information about picture books including mathematics content please read our blog post: Picture Books with Mathematical Content Credit: This article has been…

Children put in the bottom maths group at primary believe they’ll never be any good

An interesting read regarding ability groupings in Maths classrooms. Children understand more than we sometimes give them credit for, what messages are your classroom practices sending them about their abilities in Maths? Credit: This article has been republished from The Conversation. Click image below for source.    Children put in the bottom maths group at…

Picture Books with Mathematical Content

Using literature and picture books with mathematical content can be a great way to engage students and explore problems with real-life and entertaining contexts. nzmaths. suggests that when choosing a picture book with mathematical content “it is important to select books that are of high quality from both a literary and a mathematical perspective”. They…

What’s all the fuss about coding?

Click on the link below to view an article/podcast about Professor Tim Bell of the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand and his Computer Science Unplugged project. The article discusses the importance of ‘unplugged’ coding – coding without a computer, among other things. The Research Files Special Episode: Professor Tim Bell  

MATHS KIDS: Year 3/4

Check out some of the resources on the Maths Kids: 3/4 page. You will find some interactive activities that might help with this terms topics! Have fun! *Note: Teachers please let me know if you would like some of these activities posted to your classroom blogs!